Write to Write

November 18, 2011

By Tad Fry

It’s easy to snap out of the writing routine. There’s an insane number of excuses to not write. An excuse I gave myself was to take a break after getting an article published, and it’s a break I’m regretting. What I thought would recharge my creative has actually hurt me instead. I encourage you to not make the same mistake. Here’s a few tips on how to bounce back.

Just write. And remember to write for fun. It’s great to have people read your work. The feedback and learning you get from readers is awesome. But remember that you are writing for yourself as well. When you disconnect a bit and write for the sake of writing, it is really enjoyable.

If you simply can’t bring yourself to write, then take the time to be inspired. This is ridiculously important. When you are not inspired then do things that motivate you. Reading articles definitely gets your creative gears going. Furthermore, consider reading The Writer’s Manifesto by Jeff Goins; a wonderful book that is certain to straighten you up from your creative slump—a must read for every writer. Always have notes handy while reading so you can write ideas. Then take those ideas to create topics that you can add to your topics list.

A topics list? Yes, always keep a topics list. Then you’ll never have an excuse for not having anything to write about. It’s freeing to have a list you can always pull from to start your next article. Having trouble deciding which topic? Roll dice and that decision will be made for you. The number you roll determines which topic you’re going to write about from your numbered list. Don’t have dice? Use my Dice Roller—no excuses.

There you have it, don’t make the same mistake I did. Keep writing. Stop reading this, go write.