Tell Your Hero

March 30, 2012

By Tad Fry

We’re inspired by people every day, and neglect to tell them they inspired us. Think about how selfish that is. You get your inspiration and make magnificent work, while the person who inspired you possibly goes on with their day wondering if their work is even worth doing. It’s time to tell your hero they are your hero.

Tell Your Hero They Are Your Hero

I’m not trying to suck up or be a gigantic cheeseball. I want to give credit to a batch of awesomes that need to know they are my heroes.


This obsessive-complusive maniac loves design and programming. We bounce ideas every day to create projects. Extremely motivating and knows how to ship.


An amazing designer. Picks up the phone to tolerate my newfound love of typography. Countless discussions on design.


The man behind Drawar. This beast provides a wonderful platform for us to learn and discuss design and is a prolific writer.


Cliff invited me to Drawar and has given me honest feedback with my projects. He brings a refreshing attitude to design and user experience.


He wrote this amazing post; thanks others and has a passion for details which is seen in his work. Also drafted me to Dribbble.


Some of the most honest writing you’ll ever read. A genuine mastermind who knows how to motive people.

There you have it. A few of my heroes. If you’re not on my brief list, then please know I’m not trying to draw lines.

Let’s have some reciprocity. Take the time to tell your heroes they are your heroes. They deserve it.