Here’s to Here’s to Iteration

December 12, 2012

By Tad Fry

Here’s to here’s to iteration in 2013 now. It’s time to do the things instead of thinking about them. No more thinking of a plan for a new year’s resolution and then not executing it because we’re scared to act on the idea, again :/

Creatives are blessed with talent to make wonderful projects; however, with that blessing comes the natural curse of wanting everything to be perfect. Even along the creative path, we strive to make every step go as planned. We try to avoid mistakes to hopefully reach an error-free destination. Albeit, it’s nice to have a plan and follow through—it’s that pre-planning which can lead to fear, and that prevents us from beginning the project.

I’m going to destroy that fear with iteration, and I hope you do the same! Most of us know how important iteration is to a project, I just don’t want to forget how powerful it can be to our mental health as creatives overall.

We must remember iteration is with us even before we start a project. This will allow us to create amazing work and fosters learning opportunities. It’s of course the learn-from-our-mistakes mentality, but ensuring we always have that mindset before, during, and after a project completes.

I hope we all keep iteration with us, and I sincerely hope we use this fantastic tool to get our new projects off the ground. This is my new year’s today’s resolution, here’s to iteration.